Children and Sports Podiatry

This is where there is an irritation of the nail edge where it meets the skin on the side of a toe. Inflammation can be caused by a secondary bacterial infection if the skin is pierced by the nail spike or edge.
There is nothing harder for a parent to have to induce discomfort on their child if they have a painful toenail. Let the experts attend to the job as we have the right sterile instruments and expertise to manage ingrown toenails in kids.
Inspire podiatrists will be gentle and caring as we understand that your child has a sore foot and it is tender and all we want to do is fix the problem and provide a solution, so it doesn’t happen again.

Causes of ingrown toenail in a child:

Children with flat feet can be prone to getting ingrown toenails. This is because a foot with no arch can cause increased pressure on the insider of the shoe. Having ankles which roll when your child walks can push the nail into the skin on the side of the foot causing toenail pain on your child.

Treatment for Children’s Ingrown Toenails

Children with ingrown toenails can be managed without painful needles or invasive treatment. A gentle clearing of the edge of the nail with sterile instruments can fix the problem toe. Saline solution can help ease the painful ingrown nail and use of an antiseptic ointment such as betadine can help clear any infected toe.
Will antibiotics fix an ingrown toenail on my child?

At inspire podiatry we see many kids with painful ingrown toenails who have taken several courses of antibiotics but still have pain. It is important to treat the underlying cause of the problem. This is typically the nail spicule which is irritating the side of the toe. The infection is just a result of a break in the skin from the nail spicule which then allows the bacteria to enter the area.

Can you do surgery to fix ingrown toenails permanently?

Cosmetic nail surgery can be performed to fix the problem permanently. This does involve a minor surgical procedure which typically takes a longer appointment. Call us at Inspire Podiatry as we can fix your child’s foot pain.


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