Children and Sports Podiatry

Custom Foot Inserts Orthotics

We have state of the art modern equipment. Our 3D Laser scanner is used to make soft prescription orthoses to meet your needs for your foot pain.

Orthotics enable change to the weight distribution and loads placed on your foot. This in turn can assist to off load the injured tissue to help your pain. We may be treating you with orthotics to help with your lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain or heel pain.

We want to stop the overused tissue or joint from working so hard. The custom foot insert may be used to rehabilitate your injury to get you back to your sports activity as quickly as possible.

Shockwave Therapy

This treatment is used for pain that has been there for more than 6 weeks (chronic conditions like Osgood'schlatters,  Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis) The high-energy acoustic wave pulses are emitted that reach the injured area beneath, which leads to a cascade of beneficial effects including helping to facilitate the body’s healing and repair process, create an optimal biological healing environment, and often ‘reboot’ the reparative process for those that have had pain or problems for years.

As the injured area is repaired, healthy function is restored and pain is relieved over the long term.

Proprioception & Strengthening

The sense and awareness of one’s foot position and balance is an important factor in reducing the risk of injury in both sports and the elderly. We can give you active exercises to help restore these pathways.


Prolotherapy’s basic premise: Sprains, strains or tears of ligaments and tendons.  It effectively trigger inflammation and new collagen. This can strengthen and eventually shorten ligaments. Hence, if ligaments shortening occurs the joint is more stable and the ligament returns to normal, full functio

It involves the injection of glucose (sugar/ dextrose solution) and lignocaine (local anaesthetic) into ligaments, nerves and tendons which triggers inflammation and new collagen. The process causes a healing cascade in which fibroblasts and collagen are produced to aid the healing process and pain reduction in joints. The good thing is, overtime it can help to eventually shorten ligaments, restoring effective ligament function and improved joint stability. After prolotherapy treatments, microscopic studies have demonstrated an increase in collagen fibril size and number. It has been noted within studies of 30-40% increase in strength of tendon attachment to bone of patients who have undergone prolotherapy compared to patients who have not had prolotherapy. Prolotherapy can also be utilised in the cartilaginous joint as a growth factor to increase cartilage growth.

It is indicated when a patient has an acute ankle injury or acute calf pain as it  can work on the tissues at a cellular level to assist to promote tissue healing. It can also be effective for chronic injuries such as heel pain  and knee osteoarthritis . It is effective for all ligament, tendon and muscle tissue that is injured in the lower limbs.

Dry Needling (a type of Western Medicine Acupuncture)

It is part of conventional medicine , a therapeutic modality which involves the insertion of fine sterile needles to treat musculoskeletal pain, including myofascial trigger point pain. After all, there are 13 muscle in each leg that attach to each foot.

Low Level Laser Therapy


Low Level Laser Therapy is designed to decrease inflammation, increase oxygen and blood flow to the affected injured tissue. It promotes muscle calcium uptake and increases neurotransmitter release to assist with pain relief. It is commonly used for acute ankle sprains, acute flare ups of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, intermetatarsal bursitis pain and tendon pain. We also commonly use it for post operative surgical scaring and to manage pain and swelling post-surgery.

Footwear Advice

From fashion shoes to the best runner for your foot, we can give you advice specific to your foot type and to manage your foot pain.

Posture, Balance and Running Assessments

How you stand can have a big impact on the loads you place on your feet and can be a reason for why there are abnormally high pressure areas in your feet which then cause compensatory patterning with weight shift during walking and running. Your podiatrist are experts in assessing this.

Strapping (rigid and flexible kinesiotape)

This can be a helpful adjunct to assist in recovery and to offer some protection against injury. It is only effective when preceded by careful assessment and thorough clinical reasoning.

Foot and Knee Joint Mobilisation

Often from injury or foot pain the brains natural reaction is to stop moving the painful joint  and “stiffen it”, so it does not hurt. Foot and Knee joint mobilisation techniques aim to restore the natural range of movement in the joints by gently talking the joint through its normal range of movement. This assists to release the soft tissues (physiological change) and improve the postural alignment of the body. 

Muscle Energy Techniques

A manual therapy technique used in the lower quadrant by podiatrists that use gentle muscle contractions of the patient to relax and lengthen muscles in aim to normalise joint motion.