Children and Sports Podiatry
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Foot Supports (Orthotics)

Custom made foot inserts to improve your foot posture and foot function to reduce your foot pain.

Muscle Energy Techniques

A manual therapy technique used in the lower quadrant by podiatrists that use gentle muscle contractions of the patient to relax and lengthen muscles in aim to normalise joint motion.

Proprioception & Strengthening

The sense and awareness of one’s foot position and balance is an important factor in reducing the risk of injury in both sports and the elderly. We can give you active exercises to help restore these pathways.

Dry Needling (a type of Western Medicine Acupuncture)

It is part of conventional medicine , a therapeutic modality which involves the insertion of fine sterile needles to treat musculoskeletal pain, including myofascial trigger point pain. After all, there are 13 muscle in each leg that attach to each foot.

Footwear advice

From fashion shoes to the best runner for your foot, we can give you advice specific to your foot type and to manage your foot pain.

Posture, Balance and Running Assessments

How you stand can have a big impact on the loads you place on your feet and can be a reason for why there are abnormally high pressure areas in your feet which then cause compensatory patterning with weight shift during walking and running. Your podiatrist are experts in assessing this.

Strapping (rigid and flexible kinesiotape)

This can be a helpful adjunct to assist in recovery and to offer some protection against injury. It is only effective when preceded by careful assessment and thorough clinical reasoning.

Foot and Knee Joint Mobilisation

Often from injury or foot pain the brains natural reaction is to stop moving the painful joint  and “stiffen it”, so it does not hurt. Foot and Knee joint mobilisation techniques aim to restore the natural range of movement in the joints by gently talking the joint through its normal range of movement. This assists to release the soft tissues (physiological change) and improve the postural alignment of the body.