Children and Sports Podiatry

If my child has flat feet, how can it be helped?

It is normal for your child to have a flat foot in the early stages of walking. However there are different degrees of flat footedness. Flat feet in children can make the leg and foot muscles have to work a lot harder.

Whether it be toddlers or active school aged kids, Inspire Podiatrist’s are the north Brisbane child podiatrist of choice. We are experts in managing and treating your kids feet. If you are concerned your child has a flat foot, we can easily assess their foot posture and give you advice.

What to expect if you see a podiatrist for your children’s flat feet?

Inspire podiatry are passionate about accurately assessing and measuring your child’s foot posture and knee and hip alignment to see if there are any values which lie outside the normal parameters. As the foot posture in a child doesn’t mature till age 7 years if there are problems we can intervene with treatment. We may provide supportive orthotic inserts to correct the foot posture alignment in the developing foot.
Keeping active feet happy can be hard. Most parents don’t realise that their child’s foot shape is often genetic. Just as you have an annual child tooth dental checkup it is important to have your children’s feet checked.

Have you noticed that your child gets tired walking because their legs or feet ache?

That’s because the muscles in the leg run as tendon’s into the foot. If your child has a flat foot these structures are fatiguing as they are working extra hard to stabilise the movement of a flat foot. Sometimes kids don’t realise that this feeling is not normal. This can be interpreted as “laziness” or being “whingey” as they don’t want to walk any further, when really, they simply may just need a little support such as a soft custom orthotic in their shoe to make waking and running easier.

Is your child experiencing any of these foot pains?