Children and Sports Podiatry

Calf pain can be a common overuse injury in longer distance athletes or in sports which require a lot of agility and jumping. The calf muscle pain can be caused by inefficient blood flow, a calf muscle cramp, or a calf pull. Sometimes it can even be from the lining around the muscle not expanding when we exercise (chronic compartment syndrome). Occasionally, in the less active patient calf pain can be as a result of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Some patients who have lower back pain can get referred nerve pain into their calf which can feel like a sharp, pull in the calf muscle.

Inspire podiatry are an innovative team that offers the most modern sports medicine services in North Brisbane. Our fully licenced and trained podiatrists have the skills to treat and diagnose the nature of your calf injury.

Calf pain from a calf tear

Calf pain injuries can present as pain, leg cramping, fatigue or tenderness after an activity. The work load of the calf muscle gradually accumulates to a point where the calf muscle can’t physically do the job that it is asked to do.

Inspire podiatrists are experts in managing a calf injury.

It is important to determine the cause of the calf injury. There are two muscles which make up the calf muscle. These are the gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus muscle. A bent knee when running can result in a soleus strain. During running the soleus muscle as the main part of the calf muscle that is performing the majority of the share of the workload. Managing a soleus strain with just a massage does not get to the depth of the injury.

Inspire Podiatrists are committed to offering the best recovery management plan to address your calf strain. As running techniques experts, we are passionate about sports podiatry and want to correct the muscle imbalances that may be contributing to your calf muscle pain. Located in Albany Creek, we are the Brisbane Northside sports podiatrist of choice.

How we treat 

Calf strains goes above and beyond just orthotics. Whilst we will provide 3D laser scanning to make soft prescription orthotics where needed, we utilise many other hands on treatment modalities. These include Shockwave Therapy for muscular repair,  western medicine acupuncture (dry needling), muscle energy techniques, foot mobilisation techniques, electrotherapy, gait retraining and running technique assessments, balance and strengthening exercises.


We treat a range of sports injuries through our specialised sports podiatry treatment process including;