Children and Sports Podiatry

Arthritis affects people of all ages and sporting feet too. Inspire Podiatry is Brisbane sports podiatry of choice. We help many active adults manage their arthritic pain. If you have had an old injury which caused some soft tissue damage, you can develop arthritis in that joint in your early 30’s. Inspire podiatry are an innovative team that offers the most modern sports medicine services in North Brisbane.

How do I know if I have arthritis in my foot?

The feet take a lot of impact with each step you take and over time this can lead to osteoarthritis in the feet. Did you know there are 33 joints in the foot which can get foot arthritis? Your feet are the foundations of your body for walking and it is important that they move well to absorb shock. Foot pain from foot arthritis can occur when there is pain on the top of the foot from spurs in the feet which grow from the bone and cause a pinching and sharp pain on the top of the foot.

How to treat arthritis in the feet?

As North Brisbanes leading sports podiatry experts we offer the latest state of the art equipment to treat your arthritis. Your foot pain or knee pain caused by the bone on bone pressure of foot and knee arthritis can be helped with the latest 3D laser scanning system to make soft prescription orthotics. Furthermore, there is help for people with foot arthritis beyond just orthotic therapy. We use specialist trained techniques such as foot and knee joint mobilisation techniques. In addition, specific muscle strength and flexibility work can really help ease foot pain caused by osteoarthritis. These techniques along with custom foot inserts, better known as orthotics can change the pressure loads on the foot and help to alleviate the joint pain. No matter how bad the pain is, we can help you walk better.

What type of arthritis do I have?

There are many different types of osteoarthritis in the feet. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis where the body attacks its own joints. Gout in the foot is also a type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis in the feet commonly affects the ankle joint causing ankle pain. This can be from an old foot injury such as an ankle sprain which then causes foot pain and possible adult flat foot in later years. Osteoarthritis in the big toe from an old injury can cause foot bunions. All these conditions and types of arthritis in the foot can be painful and cause a person foot pain when they walk. Inspire Podiatrists are experts in the management of reducing foot pain for foot arthritis.


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