Children and Sports Podiatry
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Our Vision

To be a practice that raises the profile of the podiatry profession and create a flourishing and thriving business that focuses on achieving great patient outcomes and helping our community to stay active.

Our Values

We practice open and real communication. Inspire podiatry will always seek to constantly improve and face any challenge with optimism. We will be creative and passionate professionals who always believe in people and their goals.

Our Philosophy

Inspire Podiatry is committed to providing high quality treatment and rehabilitation techniques available for all types of injuries and conditions. Within the community we serve, we always offer our patients a listening ear and a caring manner. Our focus on our podiatrists continuing education, is unmatched, and guarantees our clinicians understand and put into practice cutting-edge treatments aiming to serve our patient’s needs to achieve the best treatment outcomes.

How We Are Different

Inspire Podiatry Approach… We listen, we care, we serve.

From your first appointment you will be enriched by the deep and genuine knowledge to understand your treatment complaint.  

We like to take the time to:

  1. Listen to your symptoms
  2. Assess your foot function and alignment during walking and running as we like to find the underlying cause of your pain.
  3. Treat your foot pain and other pains appropriately with the best evidence based research available.
  4. Review you, to ensure your expectations have been met and to prescribe appropriate exercises to make you foot and leg strong again.

About Our Podiatrist

Inspire Podiatry Helen Claybourne

Helen Claybourn (Principal Podiatrist)

After graduating with First Class Honours in 2004 at the Queensland University of Technology, Helen believes in undergoing continuous training to ensure you receive the latest developments in treatment.

Helen has over 12 years experience in treating many athletes, runners and Australian armed force service people. She has worked in clinics treating the Newcastle Knights and lectured at Universities interstate. Her passion is helping Children and Adults to relieve their foot pain and achieve their goals.

As a mother herself, Helen has helped children with chronic and complex conditions of the foot from newborn to adolescents. I believe early screening for children’s foot health is important to ensure development, growth and function lead to a content and healthy lifestyle.
You don’t have to be an athlete to want to seek treatment for your foot pain. We love helping people of all ages who may be suffering from arthritis and want to live active and happy lives.