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Inspire Podiatry is a professional podiatry clinic in Albany Creek. Our Podiatrists listen to understand how we can assist in relieving your foot pain, knee pain or shin pain.

Sports Podiatry deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Shin Pain, Ankle Pain, Heel Pain and Foot Pain.

We face challenges with optimism.  As North Brisbane's Sports Podiatry clinic of choice we continually innovate & constantly improve.

We are industry leaders in managing Post Operative Rehabilitation of the foot and ankle injuries. Our Podiatrists work with Brisbane's leading foot & ankle surgeons.

Heel Pain is a passion for our team. For those with chronic heel pain, we have invested in the latest cutting edge Shockwave Therapy Machine to help relieve your heel pain.

We have a keen interest in treating Running Injuries and love using our Functional Fit, Running Gait Analysis Lab.

We play above the line and undergo continuous training to ensure you are receiving the latest developments in treatment. Let us help you!


Our Services

Why Choose Inspire Podiatry?

Running Assessment & Sports Injuries

Reduce the incidence of  an injury and have your running technique & alignment assessed. We focus on determining why your pain has developed and how we are going to treat it. We love to give advice on how to make your foot and leg strong, so you can transform your feet from bricks into springs!


Heel Pain


Podiatrist Heel Pain Assessment

A complex condition in nature which often requires an extensive range of hands on treatments. We believe heel pain truly requires an individualised approach.

Have you tried Prolotherapy or Shockwave therapy for your heel pain?

Children’s Foot Health

Podiatrist Kids Growing pains

Have your child's foot posture checked. Hypermobility & Lower limb alignment assessed.

We TREAT Growing pains & Growth plate pain

Gross motor skill developments…with your child's walk, hop, skip & jump.

Post Operative Rehab

Offering “All things Physio” for your foot & ankle injuries after surgery. As local Albany Creek podiatrists our team works along side North Brisbane orthopaedic surgeons with post-operative rehab. We provide treatment to reduce pain and swelling to expediate your recovery. Let our podiatrists get you moving and back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Shockwave Therapy



Inspire Podiatry is the only Podiatrist in the area to provide state of the art Shockwave Therapy. This Shockwave Therapy Machine is used to treat patients who have been suffering from Chronic Heel pain, Achilles Tendon Pain, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Deep Muscle Trigger Points, Insertional Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Osgood Schlatter Disease & Calf Cramping. About 95% of our patients reported successful results, including a decrease in chronic pain, increase in mobility and other health improvements.




How We Are Different

Inspire Podiatry Approach… We listen, we care, we serve.

From the very first appointment you will be enriched by the deep and genuine knowledge of our experienced podiatrist to understand your treatment complaint.

We like to take the time to:

  1. Listen to your symptoms
  2. Assess your foot function and alignment during walking and running as we like to find the underlying cause of your pain.
  3. Treat your foot pain and other pains appropriately with the best evidence based research available.
  4. Review you, to ensure your expectations have been met and to prescribe appropriate exercises to make your foot and leg strong again.


About Us

Who We Are ....

  • We are a genuine team that aspire to be LEADERS IN THE PROFESSION.
  • We practice open and real communication.

Meet The Team

Matthew Zahalka, Helen Claybourn & Aldrin Cefre

At Inspire Podiatry we believe every patient needs to achieve the best treatment outcome possible. We look forward to helping you.

Don’t live with pain in your feet and legs any longer...we welcome the chance to serve you. Make an appointment at our podiatry clinic in Albany Creek & seek relief.

Health Fund Rebates

HICAPS, Medicare EPC, DVA: Gold Card, White Card & PAMT, Workcover Qld & Onsite Health Fund Rebates Available.